YouTube channel launched and YouTube clips uploaded !


We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new channel on YouTube which is constantly being enriched with a diverse collection of clips from Greece, including such themes as archaeological sites, nature, destinations, people, flora and fauna, architecture, boats and so on… the list of themes as well as of our clips keeps increasing. These clips offer¬†broad visual information on the multitude of aspects and facets of this very special and we warmly invite you to visit our YouTube channel often.

Here are the related links:

Our YouTube ‘Eric Cauchi ¬†-Eternal Greece’ channel :

Ancient Nemea :
Ancient Delphi, part 1:
Mani region, Peloponnese, part 1:
Boats and ships, part 1:
Old bridges, part 1:
People of the Greek countryside, part 1:
Animals of Greece part 1:
Doors and Windows, part 1:
Wild flowers, part 1 :
Rural churches part 1:

Looking forward to your visits !

Thank you.



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