BCA Academic Advisory Services

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BCA Academic Advisory Services

Academic advising is an on-going educational process that promotes the importance of learning and fosters the students’ intellectual and personal development towards academic success.

During his/her studies at BCA, each student is assigned a Personal Academic Advisor whose main responsibilities are:

  • To communicate and explain the curriculum, the degree requirements, academic policies, regulations and procedures.
  • To help undecided students select a programme of study consistent to their life goals and aspirations.
  • To facilitate the students’ transition from secondary education to an academic environment.
  • To monitor each student’s progress and ensure that he/she meets the learning outcomes of the course.
  • To encourage and assist students in defining and developing realistic personal, academic and professional plans.
  • To provide personal guidance and support.

Personal Academic Advisors are accessible for assistance via face-to-face sessions, telephone and/or email.




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