BCA Library Services

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Library Services

BCA has three well-stocked libraries with over 7,000 titles. The collection is organised in accordance with the international standards of librarianship. The subject indexing is based on the subject headings of the Library of Congress of the U.S, and the classification is based on the decimal system of Dewey. The library has a fully automated system and the list of the collection is available online. In addition, given BCA’s collaboration with the London Metropolitan University, all students have access to London Metropolitan University’s electronic libraries, which include over 35,000 e-books and e-journals.


The main mission of BCA’s Library is to support and promote all activities of the academic community of the College for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, it is a growing organism which aims to meet the literacy needs of its users and promote the social role of the College.

Library Services

All members of the College are eligible to use the printed materials as well as the online resources of the libraries.

Lending services

BCA’s Library provides all members the opportunity to borrow printed material. Members must comply with the conditions of use described in the regulations of the library. The terms, rights and obligations of members regarding the use of the library, are described in detail in the Rules of Operation available both in hard copy and electronically.

Interlibrary loan

The Library offers as a value added service the option of ordering material that is not available in its collection (books, articles from journals, etc). This process is conducted through the National Documentation Centre. More information is available in the libraries.

Computer Services Support

In all BCA libraries, there are computers with access to the internet that can be used for research.


The libraries are equipped with photocopiers, which can used to reproduce material by using special magnetic cards. Users must respect the copyright law and follow the restrictions set by the relevant legislation.

Printed copies

In all BCA libraries, students are allowed to print material via computers. Printed materials are subject to the copyright law (Law 2121/1993) and its amendments.
Educational Seminars

Information Literacy Seminars

At the beginning of each academic year, the librarians of BCA deliver to students seminars about Information Literacy. During these seminars, the full range of library services is presented. The aim of the seminar is to familiarise members of the academic community with the services of the library, the library collection as well as the cultivation and development of skills required for the effective of the library resources.


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