Time flies…

… and enrolments have started !

Today is the 15th of August, a special day for Greeks as it is both an important official holiday as well as traditionally representing the peak of the holiday season. Nearly everyone is on the beach, which is both a very pleasant as well as wise thing to do, given that we are being affected by a heat wave  (around 41 deg C / 106 deg F) in the hinterland, less hot in the littoral zones and the islands) that will be with us for another couple of days.

The holidays, the heat and the beach-side fun of August all conspire to make us forget the fact that time flies fast and that the enrolments to our academic courses have started !

There is a lot of information in our website but please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have through the site’s contact form or by e-mail at eric_cauchi@consulting.com.gr

Happy holidays for those who have yet to go and a happy landing back to reality for those who have returned from their summer breaks !


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