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London Metropolitan University

London is one of the most important centres of International Commerce. It is the only capital city in Europe that hosts the largest insurance, banking, financial institutes and offices of businesses that are directly or indirectly connected to International Commerce and Shipping. Furthermore in the London area of City all international shipping companies are located. That is why London is the first selection for those interested in studies with an international character.

BCA has an exclusive collaboration with the London Metropolitan University and offers a selection of its programmes through an exclusive franchise agreement that makes the BCA graduate,  automatically a London Metropolitan graduate. One of the largest Universities of London,  the London Metropolitan University was created from the merger of London Guildhall University with the University of North London.

London Metropolitan University has two large building complexes, London City Campus and London North Campus. London City Campus is located in downtown London, while London North Campus is in the heart of North London.

Today it has 35,000 students making it the first in London and the second in G. Britain in student population. The same applies to the European and international students; it is classified as the most popular in London and the second in G. Britain. From 2003 to 2004 it had an increase of 29% in foreign students, an indication of trust from the entire world.
London Met in an inspection of the leading organisation for certification in quality education of England QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) in 2005, was awarded with the distinction ‘Broad Confidence’ for the quality, and its programmes, which is the highest recognition of the QAA.

Finally, in more recent inspections by the QAA again, the studies departments offered by the university were graded excellent (22-24 out of 24). In particular, the Business & Management Program was graded with an absolute excellent (24 out of 24).

The academic departments of the University with which BCA collaborates are:

Business Department

  • BA Business Administration
  • BA Marketing
  • BA Marketing [Digital Communications]
  • BA Accounting & Finance
  • MBA
  • MBA for Executives
  • MA Marketing
  • MA Marketing [Digital Marketing]
  • MSc Accounting and Finance

Shipping, Transport and Logistics Department

  • BSc Shipping
  • BSc Maritime Studies
  • MSc Shipping
  • Online M.Sc in Shipping

Hotel and Tourism Management Department

  • BA Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Food and Beverage Management Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Hospitality Operations Certificate
  • MA Hospitality and Tourism Management

Specialised Courses

Specialised courses for Professionals
Specialised Modules

American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) was founded in 1910 and is the trade association that represents the Hotel and Tourism sector in the United States of America. It is seated in Washington DC and its purpose is to offer international representation of the industry in each government, education, research, information and any other service with added value required by the members of the organisation in order to work in a balanced and competitive environment.

The collaboration of the BCA with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) one of the largest organisations for hotel and tourism education of America gives the ability for a contemporary and high level of training to new students but also new and senior executives of the Hotel industry who wish to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in various sectors of the industry, and as a result to be able to develop their career faster and more effectively.
For more than 50 years the AHLA is the primary source of education, research and training of the Hotel industry in America but also globally. The Educational institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association publishes books and manuals for hotel training and their programmes are used by more than 3,000 Universities and schools of hotel education and training around the world.

The programmes of the AHLA are designed based on the proposals and viewpoints of professionals of the sector and so reflect the most contemporary practices and trends in the hotel industry. The businesses of the sector know that students that have completed Hospitality Management AHLA programmes are well prepared to undertake management responsibilities and add value to the business.

For those who have acquired the knowledge and skills offered by the AHLA programmes, career growth is a rapid process in the hotel industry.

“It’s been proven that certificates and diplomas from the Educational Institute of AH&LA open doors to graduates looking for careers in the Hospitality industry,”  (Hotel Association USA)


Crowne Plaza / InterContinental Hotels Group Industry Network - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Crowne Plaza / InterContinental Hotels Group Industry Network


BCA’s ongoing goal is to continue developing academic programmes of high quality that effectively approach and analyze the labour market. Following this strategy, BCA has come to an exclusive agreement with the new 5-star Crowne Plaza Hotel (part of the Inter-Continental Group) . A few metres away from BCA’s Athens campus, students have a unique opportunity to receive an excellent educational experience as part of the BA Hon’s International Hospitality Programme.

The Educational Process is based in the idea of Shadowing Training under which students observe on a weekly, 5 hour basis, operational procedures that take place in the hotel in its various departments such as: Food & Beverage – Conference and Conventions, Front Office – Housekeeping. Students shall also be able to participate, when possible, in the above procedures put the classroom theory into practice.

The basic goal of this collaboration is for students to acquire a high level of quality experience, and to develop the practical skills required in a real time setting. The new Crowne Plaza Hotel is the ideal environment for such an attempt.

IAB Hellas - Κεντρική Εικόνα

IAB Hellas

In a digital era where alternative media entails immense opportunities for companies to improve their services and products, BCA and the IAB Hellas announced their cooperation aiming to enrich the postgraduate program, MA Marketing / Advertising / PR by offering lessons on the basic principles of digital marketing (digital marketing) and online advertising (online advertising).

IAB Hellas (Interactive Advertising Bureau – Interactive Communication Agency) was established in 2001 and since then has been one of the basic companies dealing with all forms of digital and interactive marketing.

IAB Hellas is part of a global network that has been established as the body responsible for the dissemination and adoption of the digital platform in the field of commercial communication, and is an active member of IAB Europe. Today it has more than 80 members, representatives of the digital market.

Assotiation of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE) - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE)


BCA has been a regular member of SETE since 1995. Our participation in one of the most recognised and credible tourism organisations gives us the ability to monitor the changes and trends of the Greek but also the international tourism industry, resulting in our adaptation and planning of our educational strategy based on the current needs and changes of businesses and the industry.

Furthermore BCA and SETE in recent years have developed an active collaboration and communication that is associated with recommendations and interventions in the educational and teaching method of executives of the Hotel and Tourism industry, always keeping in mind the improvement of the productivity of both the businesses as well as the industry in general. The purpose of SETE is the continuous qualitative upgrading and strengthening of the competitiveness of the Hellenic Tourism Industry.

SETE was established in 1991. It represents tourist businesses associations and businesspeople that cover the entire range of tourist activities. SETE is a non-government, non-profit organisation. SETE envisions a balanced tourism development, which aims in the improvement of performance, with a simultaneous increase in the number of arrivals and stays, with a better distribution of tourist supply in all areas of the country, and with a better time distribution of demand. All of these are realised within the scope of protecting the natural environment as well as in a framework of respect and presentation of our civilisation.

SETE is the agency which:

  • Demonstrates the financial, social and environment significance of Tourism to the Government, the local administration, and the public and private agencies
  • Promotes research and education to businesses and organisations
  • Informs the Government, the greater public sector and the business community on the developments in the international tourist market
  • Promotes the collaboration of the public and the private sectors
  • Supports and promotes the business principles of its Members
  • Represents its Members in National and international organisations
  • Creates collaborations between the separate sectors of Tourism and between Tourism and other sectors of the economy
  • Cares for the creation and dissemination of technical know-how on matters of Tourism
  • Cooperates with Greek and international research centres on Tourism and the economy.


Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Academy Hellas  - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Academy Hellas


The Business College of Athens (BCA) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Academy Hellas signed a cooperation agreement. The cooperation offers benefits for the students as well as for their future employers: the students get insights into the market by leading experts while the shipping industry will gain better trained young academics.

GL Academy Hellas will organise exclusive seminars for the students and is therefore extending the BCA’s standard syllabus. Furthermore the students are allowed to attend GL Academy Hellas open seminars. In future even more GL seminars will be hosted by the college at its premises.

For the first time GL Academy Hellas cooperates with an educational institution in Greece. BCA, founded in 1971, is one of the most prominent Colleges in Greece and has a long-standing history in maritime studies with undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Shipping.

The GL Academy holds an international network of training institutes with coordinators managing local academies in 19 different locations worldwide.
Over the past 15 years more than 23,000 professionals participated in over 1,500 GL Academy seminars around the globe. The country-specific programmes are adapted to the respective local requirements in terms of contents and language.


Cisco (Networking Academy) - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cisco (Networking Academy)


BCA as a certified Cisco Academy (Networking Academy) in collaboration with Cisco Systems Inc., the leader in IT and especially networks, offers specialised certification programmes CISCO (CCENT, CCNA, CCNP).

Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξενοδόχων  - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Hellenic Hotel Owners’ Federation


The Business College of Athens (BCA) has established a collaboration with the Hellenic Hotel Owners Federation (POX), according to which BCA will contribute and participate on research projects about tourism, conducted under the auspices of POX.BCA will also consult POX on educational matters and provide further education in the tourism and hospitality sector to all its members.



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