BCA IT Services

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IT Services

Developments in IT and communications play a significant role in the quality of education as they offer students a unique experience which introduces them to the requirements of modern academic and work environments. At BCA we invest continuously in up-to-date equipment and innovative electronic services.

Student Portal
The student portal is a website where our students can find a variety of useful information such as the following:

  • Timetables
  • Announcements
  • Grades
  • Absences records
  • Application forms (plus the option to submit them online)
  • Choice modules (plus the option to declare interest online)

Student Portal Application
Our students will soon be able to have access to the student portal via their iphone and ipad.

Since learning goes beyond the classroom, we have incorporated the widely known Moodle platform into the teaching process. iLearn is a fully-equipped e-learning platform which is used by BCA students on a daily basis. There, lecturers upload their notes, presentations and other study material which contributes effectively to the teaching process. Students can download this information, ask questions, discuss the material and submit their assignments electronically. iLearn can be accessed via Smartphone and Tablet.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education
Since the summer of 2012 both our staff and students enjoy the Office 365 for Education services. All students have a @bca.edu.gr email which allows them to access their cloud e-mail from everywhere and via every device. Office 365 also offers online collaboration services through Lync.


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