BCA Foundation Programme

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Course offered by: BCA, Athens

BCA offers a one-year Foundation Programme which has been designed as a key pathway to Bachelor degree studies. Attending the Foundation Programme is an invaluable experience as it helps students demystify the particulars of the academic world and of the discipline of their choice encouraging them to become active members of a learning and thinking community.

Why choose the Foundation Programme :
The Foundation Programme is an essential step in students’ academic and professional development for the following reasons:

  • Familiarisation with the academic environment and development of academic skills in order to succeed in higher education.
  • Acquirement of knowledge relevant to the degree of choice and confidence about the path the student has chosen.
  • Right to change the chosen subject before registration to the second year.
  • Development of  interpersonal and intrapersonal skills through personal development tests, group activities, and individual projects.
  • Attendance of English language classes in order to help students perfect their knowledge of the language irrespective of their plans to attend an English-speaking programme or not.

The Foundation Programme includes a set of compulsory core modules and a choice of specialist pathway modules which aim to introduce students to key concepts, issues and competencies in their subject of interest. All modules aim to familiarise students with academic requirements and practices and help them make an informed choice about the degree they wish to study. Students may choose a specific pathway during their Foundation year but they have the option to change the focus of their studies when they move on to a Bachelor degree. At the end of the programme, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge and confidence in order to build a successful academic career.


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