Specialised Courses for Professionals (2014-15)

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 Course offered by: BCA, Athens


The Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, in collaboration with BCA, offers hospitality training programmes which are designed with the latest practices and trends in the hotel industry.

These training programs provide the opportunity for new and experienced members of the hotel and tourism industry to specialize in different areas that directly or indirectly may interest them, giving them the opportunity to develop their careers more quickly and efficiently. A framed certificate is awarded upon completion of any of the five Specialisation curricula.


Individual training: 3-6 months / Corporate training: 1-2 months / offered also as distance learning
BCA Athens Campus

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA)

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) was founded in 1910 and is the trade association that represents the Hotel and Tourism sector in the United States of America. It is seated in Washington DC and its purpose is to offer international representation of the industry in each government, education, research, information and any other service with added value required by the members of the organisation in order to work in a balanced and competitive environment.

The collaboration of the BCA with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), one of the largest organisations for hotel and tourism education of the USA gives the ability for a contemporary and high level of training to new students but also new and senior executives of the Hotel industry who wish to expand their knowledge base and improve their skills in various sectors of the industry and as a result to be able to develop their career faster and more effectively.

For more than 50 years the AHLA is the primary source of education, research and training of the Hotel industry in America but also globally. The Educational institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association publishes books and manuals for hotel training and their programmes are used by more than 3,000 Universities and schools of hotel education and training around the world.

The programmes of the AHLA are designed based on the proposals and viewpoints of professionals of the sector and so reflect the most contemporary practices and trends in the hotel industry. The businesses of the sector know that students that have completed Hospitality Management AHLA programmes are well prepared to undertake management responsibilities and add value to the business.

For those who have acquired the knowledge and skills offered by the AHLA programmes, career growth is a rapid process in the hotel industry.

“It’s been proven that certificates and diplomas from the Educational Institute of AH&LA open doors to graduates looking for careers in the Hospitality industry,”  (Hotel Association USA)

Additional Benefits

  • Main bibliography
  • Access Ilearn of BCA is the (intranet) from where you are able to have access to the educational material of the academic staff
  • Provision of industry software systems
  • Participation in seminars industry related (given a certificate of participation)
  • Participation in specialised conferences and exhibitions

    Distance Learning

If you are looking for ways to evolve your career or want to enrich your knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the field of hospitality and tourism, the Distance Learning program of BCA and AH&LA EI can help. Through the program you can expand your career options with the creation and development of skills in management of hotel and tourism business. Make yourself more valuable to the business and prepare for new challenges. No need to work in a hotel or a restaurant to take advantage of the distance education programs. While it is ideal “career advancers” for people already working in the industry, is also indicated for those who would like to start a new career in the hospitality industry, or for anyone who would like to learn more about the tourism industry before they make a new choice or career change.
Previous training or experience is not required. Anyone can participate. In short time, our courses can give you the knowledge you may need to give you or prepare you for a new career or career change. Put yourself on the fast track.

Advantages of distance education:

  • Flexibility: continue to work while taking classes.
  • Saves time-wasting and studying on your free time.
  • Use educational material that has been created by professionals and specialist trainers in the industry.
  • Earn globally-recognised certificates of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.
  • Save money: these courses are almost always cheaper than programmes requiring a physical presence. Also reduces other costs such as accommodation – travel etc.
  • Convenience: you can submit your work by pressing a button or participating in the exam from your computer, it’s so simple!
  • 24X7 access to learning materials and fellow students: this is the best way to study if you are comfortable with the Internet and technology. You can have direct access to your material whenever you want and also to exchange opinions with your fellow students!
  • Read any scientific field you want: Once you have all your books and educational material on line and with you, you can read the topic that interests you.



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